A group of kids outside playing, one of whom is a wheelchair user.


B is belonging; Belonging is a fundamental human necessity.

Through Disability Network Michigan, we’re able to provide our communities with the tools necessary to take DEIA to B into action.  

Our network of Centers for Independent Living are the experts in their communities. Together, we unite to provide a statewide force with some of the most highly regarded thought leaders in the field. We provide presentations and assessments which are unique in scope and will help your organization fully embrace diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

With the guidance of our expert team, your organization can be one where everyone is valued and everyone belongs. That is when true equity happens.

Although Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has become prioritized in the US over the last few years, worthy of corporate and non-profit organization training programs alike, accessibility and disability are not often included alongside discussions of race and gender.

Many business leaders and employers are setting goals and new standards to increase the diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility inside their companies.  We provide holistic assessment, consultation and training – working alongside companies to help them meet their DEIA to B goals.

What can we do for/with you?

  • Training on a variety of DEIA topics through a disability lens
  • Accessibility ADA site review
  • Technical assistance for accessibility
  • A disability inclusion organizational assessment

DEIA to B presentation and consultation opportunities are coming soon.

A group of people outside holding hands, one of whom is a wheelchair user.

Creating and building welcoming communities where all can live, work and play

Disability can happen any time in someone’s life. Historically, people with disabilities have been viewed through a lens of a medical problem in need of fixing. The disability community believes that it’s not a medical problem; it’s the environment that can be fixed so that the environment is welcoming and inclusive of people with disabilities. 

Our disability training approach addresses the intersectionality of disability and DEI efforts.  “Siloing disability from other movements and justice work only serves to further isolate multi marginalized disabled people. When foundations address ableism separately from other forms of oppression, they can’t achieve systems change.” (Centering Disability, Sandy Ho & Jen Bokoff, 2022)